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The Best Tricks To Make You Sleepy

Some of the Best Tricks To Make You Sleepy

Pretty much everyone at some point in their lives has dealt with the struggle to get enough sleep at night. After a long day of work or perhaps a disagreement with your husband or child, your body may be screaming to let this day be over with but your mind is still wide awake – keeping you from a receiving a peaceful night’s sleep. You can’t control that factors that interfere with a good night’s sleep, but you can try to fix them with just a few simple tricks. Here they are!
1. Make your bedroom a sleeping sanctuary
The perfect sleeping sanctuary may vary for everyone but it usually means keeping it cool, dark, and quiet. If you have an uncomfortable mattress invest in one that makes you never want to leave or fix it with a fluffy comforter and some new pillows. I recently bought a 3 inch memory foam topper to place over top of my mattress. It was very inexpensive compared to buying a new mattress. I paid about $100 on overstock.com. We’ve had it about 5 years now and it’s still very comfortable.
2. Get away from the electronics
If you notice that it takes you longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep, you’re probably using your phone or computer too soon before bed. Your natural melatonin is only excreted into your blood flow when there is little light. Light sources halt its production, and keeps us awake. In order to fall asleep faster, make sure you’ve turned off your computer or put your cell phone/tablet away at least an hour before falling asleep. Your brain needs to unwind and start to relax.
3. Exercise
Being active during the day will help you sleep better at night. However, make sure not to exercise too close to bed because you will have too much energy to fall asleep. Try doing a brisk walk or quick run in the morning or afternoon. I was walking five miles when I got home from work around 6:00 PM and it took about an hour to finish. It would be around 7:00 PM when I got back home. I’d take a shower to help relax, but I wasn’t able to fall asleep until after 11:00 in the evening.
4. Watch what you eat and drink
Anything with caffeine or nicotine before bed is probably the worst thing for a good night’s rest. Caffeine and nicotine take hours to wear off and mess with your sleep quality. Don’t go to bed too full or hungry either because that discomfort could also keep you up.
5. Stick to a sleep schedule
I know this hard for those who have an unpredictable schedule but it’s the best solution to a good night sleep. Consistency reinforces your body’s sleep-wake cycle and promotes better sleep at night. However, if you find yourself not falling asleep within 15 minutes, get up and do something relaxing then try again when you’re tired.
6. Pillows aren’t only for your head
By placing a pillow under your stomach or between your legs you could help your body feel more comfortable. By placing a pillow beneath your knees it will allow your lower back to assume its natural curve and relax into the mattress.
7. Develop a bedtime ritual
Like having a sleep schedule, it helps your body to do the same things each night before to bed in order to tell you it’s time to start winding down. Do something relaxing such as taking a warm bath with candles or reading a chapter in your favorite book. Try to do these activities with dimmed light to produce melatonin.

A couple of natural supplements I’ve taken to help me relax and sleep better are: melatonin, kava kava,  and valerian root.  I’ve also drank Chamomile and lavender tea before bed to help me unwind and relax. My husband just ordered some Lemon balm tea and I’ll post a review on that once we’ve tried it.

Click on the photos below and it will direct you to Amazon where you can purchase it right away.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can get them in as little as two days with Free Shipping!

Sleep well and sweet dreams to all of you natural beauties!!

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