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The Secret!

The Secret!

Imagine what might happen in your life if you were to watch this video every day! You would be so thankful for everything and create such a sense of becoming unstoppable in making a more positive life for yourself! Positive thoughts and affirmations can embed deep into your mind, helping you to begin thinking this way automatically without even trying to. You have the power to change the way you think and feel. It is within each and every one of us.

I think it’s VERY important for people to have the right frame of mind.  The Power of positive thinking, as well as speaking out loud positive words, is a lot more powerful than a lot of people realize.  Did you know that the words we think or speak, can actually come into our life as a Reality?!?    There really is some truth to the law of attraction. Be really careful about what you are thinking about  or speaking about out loud.  You must think positive thoughts only!

I like reading motivational and inspirational books.  Anything that can keep me from feeling negative.  Thinking positive thoughts on purpose and using the law of attraction has inspired me and helped me get through some disappointing and negative moments in my life.

There are a lot of great products and teachers on the subject of positive thinking, law of attraction and deliberate creation. Dr. Robert Anthony is another really great teacher on this subject; which he calls psycho cybernetics.

Well A few years ago I read the book called “The Secret” and just recently, I purchased and read the second book called “The Power“.   I also bought the secret audio cd’s and The Secret Movie; which is really quite interesting. I recommend the secret movie to anyone wanting to create more positive energy or understand more about the law of attraction. Imagine if you were to watch the secret movie, listen to the secret audio cd’s and read the book! You would harness the power to understanding what the secret is about and what you can really be capable of creating in your life! I’m sure you’d be a lot more careful about your thoughts.

My review of both The Secret and The Power are that both of these are interestingly really good books and have 4-5 star ratings!  The Secret discusses the law of attraction….what you think about, you can bring about in your life.  The Power discusses more  about when you think about love, or feel love, then you can bring love back into your life.  Basically, what you give comes back to you in real life!

I know this works because I have used it in my own life. I was using the power of the secret in my life before I even understood the law of attraction. Now that I am aware of how it works, whenever I begin to sway to negative thoughts or feelings due to a negative circumstance, I immediately flip switch my thinking back to positive thoughts on purpose. I do not want to create more negative energy, but rather focus on creating more positive thoughts and positive energy.

After I learned about the secret, I gave the audio cd’s to Irene, a co-worker and friend of mine. She liked them so much that she would listen to them every day to and from work. She had a good 45 minute drive everyday to and from work, therefore a lot of time to learn about the secret and how it works. She agreed that there is something in knowing and understanding the power of the secret. The company we were working for was having financial troubles. When a lot of co-workers were being laid off, Irene was able to attract a better job and it was even closer to home…just by using the law of attraction and understanding how the secret really works! By clicking on the photo, you will be directed back to Amazon where you can purchase them.

The Holy Bible is another Very important and informational tool that  should be  used to help guide you in  life!  The books of Proverbs and Psalms are just chock full of useful verses to help get you through life!

Joyce Meyerand Joel Osteen are wonderful Evangelists that help to explain the Bible in more understandable terms.  Joel is a very inspiring and positive/motivational speaker.  Joyce explains the Bible and different stories from it in a down to earth understandable way.  I love listening to both Joyce and Joel.  They have helped me learn so much and I know they can help you in your life too!

Remember that everything is possible, nothing is impossible.  The more negative a person is, the more negativity they bring or have  in their lives.   So we need to “Think on Purpose” always Positive Thoughts!  Whenever you sway to negative thinking……..flip switch your mind to think immediately about Positive thoughts!  In time, you will also realize that what you may be going through will not be “Forever”. It’s just for “a while”.  My husband has told me numerous times “Nothing is ever as bad as it seems”.   So now when something doesn’t go the way I think it should, I always go back to what he told me.  And you know what?   It Never really is as bad as it seemed!  ; )

I also feel that having  God in your life will help you get through some of your most difficult and challenging times.  Always remember to Thank him for everything…..both the good as well as the difficult circumstances.  It’s the difficult times that we learn the most from.  We can either become discouraged, or have a relationship with God that will most definitely help us get through the unpleasant circumstances in life.   We can help others from our own life circumstances – both happy and sad, and that’s what I think life is all about – Living, Learning, Loving and Helping others.

Remember……You hold the power to the secret that can change your life!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Comments are always Welcome! God Bless!