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Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

I feel that we all are here on earth to help others and to do our best to make others happy…not find fault with one another.  People make mistakes, but people also grow and learn over time.  We all learn from each other.  Try not to be quick to criticize someone, as you don’t always know the entire story.  If you made assumptions about someone, you should always give them the benefit of a doubt and listen to their story…Don’t just shut them out.  Communication is the Golden Key to having a good relationship with anyone.  Even if you’re having problems with a family member, you need to talk it out in order to get closure and move forward.  Otherwise, month after month or year after year, nothing is resolved and the problem continues to build into something even Bigger than it was in the beginning.  

Because I believe in Paying it forward, I like to donate money, time and even my natural beauty locks of love haha!!  I enjoy going through the drive through and paying for the persons meal in back of me.  Until you’ve done this, you cannot even imagine the joy you will get from doing something as simple as buying a meal for someone you don’t even know.

One time I did this at McDonalds.  As I  was waiting for my own meal, I over heard the window lady telling the woman in the car behind me that I bought her meal.   I then heard the woman in the car say (in an Very Excited voice) “Really!? Well, I want to buy the meal for the person in the car behind me!” Well, I can tell you this definitely put a smile on my face… and even the window lady said they enjoy telling people that their meal has already been paid for. She told me it puts Everyone in a good  mood! 🙂  Well now, that is Exactly what Paying it forward is all about!!

Become A Natural Beauty Locks of Love 1st Donation – 2008

I’ve always had long hair my entire life and never thought about donating it until 2008.  Sine then, I’ve donated my hair three times!  2008 was my first time, and July 2010 was my second time, then 2013 was my third. Yes, my hair seems to grow quick!  I thought I’d post some photos so you can see for yourself. 😉

Become a Natural Beauty Locks of Love Donation #2 – 2010

Become a Natural Beauty Locks of Love Donation #3 – 2013

July 2010 I made my locks of love donation #2.  This photo is a picture taken right after I donated about 12 inches.  I have not had hair this short before, so I will admit it was a bit scary to say the least, but after donating it I know that I have made a difference in someones life! And I know I have helped to make them feel better about them self too!

October 2013, I made my third Locks of Love donation.

If you’ve ever thought about donating your lovely locks, I encourage you to do so.  It’s a lot of fun!  Even if you don’t have hair to donate, I encourage you to try the “paying it forward” and buy the meal for the person in back of you in the drive thru!  You will make their day and it will also brighten yours!

God Bless and Thank you for visiting BecomeANaturalBeauty.com