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Become A Natural Beauty

Become A Natural Beauty….

Hot natural beauty tricks and tips on how to become a natural beauty.  Become beautiful by learning about beauty tips, all natural beauty products, beauty skin care recipes, health tips and more…Unlock the secrets to beauty! Here’s how to look gorgeous without looking artificial. Be more attractive by showing your beauty inside and out and how to be a naturally beautiful person.

A person can change their outward appearance just by the way they feel inside.  When someone is at peace and filled with love, it shows outwardly.  A positive outlook can give a person natural beauty.  You can’t look very happy or feel very beautiful if you’re upset or feeling bad about something!  If you feel negative or unhappy, you will need to first change the way you feel on the inside.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you’re upset or crying?  It’s not a very pretty site is it? You probably won’t find much beauty in the mirror at that moment.  Flip switch your thinking, and you’ll flip switch your attitude.  When you start to feel a little better, go look in the mirror again but this time smile at yourself.  Tell yourself you are beautiful!  Tell yourself you look and feel Great!  Tell yourself that you are an amazing person! Have some fun and tell yourself that you are the most amazing, beautiful and sexiest person in the world!  ; )   By now you may even begin to start laughing, but you will have proved to yourself that you can change your feelings by how you think about yourself or your situation.

To create more beauty in your life, you need to first begin work on your inner beauty and well being.   When you feel healthy inside, both mentally and physically, you will have more energy and feel happier.  That will help you to begin your day on a positive note.  You will feel beautiful inside and that will show in your outer beauty.

I will be posting beauty tips on how to become a natural beauty inside and out, thus the name  Become A Natural Beauty was born. I am going to be researching and posting information on  skin care,  health and fitness, hair care, mind/spiritual care, well being, natural beauty tricks and tips, and all natural beauty products.  Basically I will focus on inner beauty as well as outward beauty, posting different secrets to beauty on different beauty tips  and how to be naturally beautiful. I will also include all natural beauty product recommendations.

My intention is that this blog will help those who see it,  to realize that You are a Beautiful person!  The world needs You to help motivate and inspire others to also feel good.  I believe in “Paying it Forward”.   The world will be a better place every where if all we do is practice the Golden Rule.  Treat others as you would want them to treat you!

Show people your inner beauty and you will inspire others to do the same.  Just by doing something nice for someone, no matter how small it is, will make you feel good inside and give you a sense of well being.  Maybe give up the parking space instead of racing another car to it! ; )   Just a smile or an encouraging word to someone can make you feel so much more happier, as well as the person on the receiving end.  Your body can release feel good endorphins when you are happy or do nice things for others.  You can actually heal yourself from sickness when you are happy!  You honestly can become a natural beauty inside and out;  which is the secret to beauty and what being naturally beautiful is all about!

The Golden Rule, and one of the best-known of Jesus’ sayings.  If everyone followed this rule and treated other people in the way they’d want to be treated themselves, the world would be a very different–and a much better–place.

“Do unto others” in the Bible: Luke 6:31

Luke 6:31 And as you would like and desire that men would do to you, do exactly so to them.

Make it a new habit to begin each day by looking for something good and positive.  Find ways to help someone else or do something for someone else.  You’ll be amazed at how you feel as you begin this new journey! You can become a natural beauty!

God Bless!

Creator & Editor for Become A Natural Beauty